Zeldin: Fire Bragg over McDonald’s hatchet man charges

Now that her election appears to be tightening Gov. Kathy Hochul wants to get tough on crime, without actually getting tough on crime.

Hochul said Monday that the Manhattan hatch man should have been charged with crimes that made him face bail and questioned whether District Attorney Alvin Bragg went too soft on Michael Palacios.

Hochul has the power to replace Bragg, but has opted not to use it. Her opponent US Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) of Long Island, said, “I believe that the Manhattan district attorney should be fired.”

“Kathy Hochul says, ‘He just got there, cut him some slack. He’s doing his job,’” Zeldin added.

Speaking outside the fast-food restaurant at 114 Delancey St. on the Lower East Side, Zeldin also repeated his call for an overhaul of “cashless bail,” saying, “You could see the fear in the eyes of other people who are here at this McDonald’s just a few days ago.”

“The individual who ends up arrested is instantly released back out on the street because the crimes he was charged with are not eligible,” he said.

“This is exactly why judges should have discretion to weigh dangerousness. Right now there should be a special session in Albany. They could do this tomorrow. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue,” Zeldin added.


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