NY AG sides with Wall St. in Trump lawsuit charges

New York Attorney General Tish James announced new charges for Donald Trump and his family in her long-running battle against the former President.

James is alleging that Trump overvalued his assets to convince banks to give him money, at the lowest interest rates possible. Really the NY AG is bringing charges against a former president in defense of Wall St, banks?

If these institutions didn’t do their due diligence it is not a crime against Trump.

This civil lawsuit, where James is seeking $250 million in restitution, has no merit at all. The NY AG in a strange press conference said as much while laying out her opening argument.

The fact that James is alleging that a real-estate developer in Manhattan lied to bankers is laughable. If it’s Thursday, four other real-estate developers are about to lie to lenders about their finances.

That is exactly how Manhattan’s Hudson Yards was brought to completion.

The fact that James ran on a platform of being anti-Trump, these charges are all show, no go. After three years of probing the only unoriginal statement she could make was, “The Art Of The Steal.”? That just shows you how paper-thin her argument is.

I’m sorry but for the state of New York to bring a nuisance lawsuit against a former president in the hopes of furthering her own progressive agenda onto a national stage seems petty and vindictive.

I believe in late 2023, despite her protests, this case will be thrown out of even the liberal New York courts for lack of standing. No party in this case was harmed.

In the end Trump could receive a HUGE tax refund because he paid revenue on inflated assets.

Now that would be the funniest outcome of all.


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