AOC’s hot takes often confuse me

I am often amazed at how Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez forms an opinion on issues. That said her latest talking point has me baffled as she conflagulates two hot-button issues.

The far-left socialist is melding falling birth rates with the need to increase the number of illegal immigrants that are allow to stay in the country.

AOC argued that young people aren’t having children due to the “burdens of capitalism,” and as a result, we “need” more immigrants.

“You take a look at it … there are quite a few countries that are really struggling because young people under the burdens of capitalism and under – living under a society that’s increasingly concentrating wealth among the rich,” she said.

“We’re not having kids, or we’re not having kids at the same rate.”

“And we actually need immigrant populations to help balance things out,” she added.

AOC posted a short video on her Twitter account stating we “we need immigrants to help fund Social Security, Medicare and all this stuff without immigrants” she said. “And don’t act like this is a new trend, it’s always been this way,” she added.

There seems to be one major flaw in her thinking.

The immigrants that built the nation historically, have come to the U.S. legally in the past and assimilated. They were able to fully get involved in the economy.

Today, illegal immigrants, which is the legal term for their status, are forced into a shadow economy where fear of deportation rules the day.

And as for falling birth rates, I do not believe the reason is capitalism. Draconian abortion laws probably contribute a greater role in the decline.


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