Let’s get out the vote for Paul King

There’s a congressional race in southern Queens, which will mimic how all Democrats will run in the 2022 midterms as well as the 2024 election.

Congressman Gregory Meeks is running against Republican Paul King, a newcomer, for the 5th Congressional District in Queens.

I am particularly interested in this race because I grew up in this district, just like King and know it has been underserved by Congressman Meeks for many years.

The district is very diverse. It encompasses Jamaica and small parts of Nassau County as well as Broad Channel and the Rockaway peninsula. Meeks has relied on the minority vote for too many years without bringing benefits to the other portions of the district.

A case in point is the fact that much of his district does not have a trauma hospital that is less than 25 minutes away without traffic.

However, let’s get to the point of my argument.

The Democrats — and Meeks in particular — cannot run on their record. Like NY Gov. Kathy Hochul, Democrats cannot debate their Republican opponents because their record is horrible on crime, spending and a host of other progressive measures that voters will reject at the ballot box should they all be mentioned in a debate.

No the Dems are relying on the time-honored tradition of assuming their constituents will just show up and vote for them once the Dem promises to “look out for them”.

It’s a tried and true method to get elected in New York.

This election has got to be about change. Challenger King could not be more of a change-agent, when compared to Meeks.

He has a simple plan. He is looking to rollback many of the “woke” policies put in place over the last few years. 

I I believe Paul King is the right person at the right time to go to Washington this election.

He can be a calming voice for all the southern Queens voters, who are seeing their city go further down the progressive rabbit hole as far as crime, illegal immigration and soaring inflation goes.

I am asking my friends who live in the district to vote for Paul King this coming election. He can be our stalwart against the local progressive diktats. He will probably be in the House majority as well, which means change can happe


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