Hochul can’t run on soaring NYC crime rate

Is it any surprise that as Manhattan office worker slowly re-enter the city after the CoVid-19 pandemic that subway crime would begin to soar.

Over the past two weeks, more than a dozen people have been violently attacked on the New York City transit system, including three fatally, five stabbings and countless other dangerous encounters.

While this election offers New York City voters little ability to change this dangerous trend since no city-wide offices are up for grabs this year. However, we can effect change in Albany.

Gov. Kathy Hochul is on the ballot against Rep. Lee Zeldin. The governor is behind all these disastrous, progressive bail reform measures and sanctuary state programs that are decimating the streets of New York City.

While campaigning the governor claims she has fixed the bail laws and dealt with “repeat offenders.” She has not. She has tinkered with a disastrous law, playing around the margins but having little to no real effect. Judges still cannot set bail on career drug dealers, car thieves, shoplifters and the like no matter how many prior convictions they have.

She also alleges that she has reduced gun crime. She has not. Convening “gun violence listening sessions” and investing in “victim assistance programs” sounds impressive, but they’ll do nothing to deter the 17-year-old gang banger with a gun who knows he’ll face only juvenile charges in family court.

There’s a clear choice on Election Day for stemming the escalating crime stats in Gotham, and it’s not Batman, it’s Lee Zeldin.


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