Adams can even run schools in sanctuary city*

If there was ever the time it is today.

New York City schools are overrun with illegal immigrants, according to the latest data released.

“We’re overwhelmed,” one frustrated teacher at PS 33 Chelsea Prep said Tuesday.

“We’ve all got migrant students in our classrooms. The teachers don’t speak Spanish. There’s no resources helping us out right now — it’s a very challenging situation.”

One outraged mom told the New York Post said that migrant kids — easily identified by lime green ID tags that hang from their necks — have swelled the size of her daughter’s class from 15 to 20 kids.

“She’s in the third grade. Her teacher is giving her lower-level work due to the immigrants. They’re making the curriculum easier,” said the mom,

“The work is too easy for my daughter. There’s first-grade, second-grade and third-grade levels in her class. It’s ridiculous,” said a previously woke mom.

The alarming situation offers an example of how the flood of migrants to the Big Apple — now nearly 19,000 strong, with no sign of stopping — is straining the city’s ability to provide them with housing, education and social services.

On Friday, Mayor Eric Adams said that 5,500 migrant kids have been enrolled in the city’s public schools, revealing the startling number as he declared a state of emergency over the migrant crisis.

*Note to readers, when you see a star in a headline it means bullsh•t. I’m just getting around social media.


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