Hochul attempts to demonize Zeldin’s Pro-Life platform

What does it say about New Yorkers that Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, who has a strong record as a Pro-Life politician, has to declare he will not change the state’s draconian abortion laws?

Gov Kathy Hochul and fellow Democrats have been pushing the abortion question for the last few weeks, stressing that Zeldin would ban the procedure and force woman to get “back alley” abortions if he is elected.

“Let me be clear. As governor, I will not change and could not change New York’s abortion law,” Zeldin says.

“Hochul already knows that. But she tried to deceive you anyhow, which tells you everything you’ll ever need to know about Kathy Hochul.”

Zeldin then hammers Hochul on her record, saying she is trying to get you focused on one thing while blinding you to all her faults.

“Kathy Hochul knows, the more you focus on her record — rising crime, pay-to-play corruption, higher cost of living — the less you’ll want her as governor. So she needs to change the subject. Her latest attempt — trying to deceive New Yorkers about abortion,” Zeldin’s voice over says over images of Hochul before he makes his “will not change” pledge.

New York is so skewed by the Democrats that Hochul’s campaign is calling Zeldin’s new message a “flip-flop”. So if you believe in the sanctity of life, but your opponent wants to kill a young life for convenience, you are the bad guy.

The Hochul camp responded that the Zeldin ad is a “flip-flop” and tried to paint it as a desperate attempt to walk away from his anti-abortion record weeks before the Nov. 8 election.

“Zeldin is desperate because he knows his anti-abortion agenda is disqualifying. Voters will see right through this pathetic lie and will never vote for a far-right extremist like Lee Zeldin who celebrated the overturning of Roe and vowed to appoint a pro-life health commissioner,” said Hochul campaign spokeswoman Jen Goodman.

These are the words that should put Zeldin over the top in the race. To describe someone as being disqualified because of his or her stance of being Pro-Life should be a red flag to all New York voters who have not drank the Democratic Cool-Aid.


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