Adams outclassed by D.C. Dems in migrant bout

Eric Adams is punching up to Albany and Washington D.C. in order to get some monetary and other resource help after the mayor declared an emergency on Friday and predicted it would cost $1 billion to house and provide social services for the now-18,600 recent migrant arrivals from the southern border.

Meanwhile, Gov. Kathy Hochul, who faces an election challenge from Republican Lee Zeldin, refuses to point the finger at the Biden administration’s lack of an immigration policy at the southern border.

“We really are looking for a federal response to this – to take ownership of a crisis and we’ll be there to help but this belongs to the federal government,” Hochul told reporters on Wednesday.

Nancy Pelosi was in Forest Hills, Queens on Wednesday to stump for Congresswoman Grace Meng offered little concrete proposals to the border crisis with her “on this hand, on the other hand” answers.

“What we must do in our country is to have comprehensive immigration reform. We all know that we must secure our border, that’s our responsibility as a country,” the Speaker of the House said.

“We also must respect those seeking asylum for appropriate reasons. But we also must understand the impact on communities.”

As you can see her responses are clear as mud.

Pelosi was scheduled to meet with Adams Wednesday evening and expected to get an earful from the mayor.

“I will see the mayor later today and I know he’ll be asking about it” — a clear indication that she — along with President Biden — is feeling pressure from Democratic mayors of besieged cities to restore order at the border and address the migrant crisis.

The NYC Department of Homeless Services’ said Monday that the city hit a new record of 62,174 people living in city shelters.


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