Adams tells new cops: no one has your back

Mayor Eric Adams warned the newest group of city cops that the system is broken and is working against them on Monday at St. John’s University.

Adams, an ex-NYPD transit office said that when he was on the force, “It was a different city.

“Lawmakers were on your side,” he told the graduating class, which included 617 new NYPD officers and 20 MTA cops. “Judges were on your side. Prosecutors were on your side. The media was on your side. Everyone was on your side.

“That’s not the reality we’re in right now,” he said. “You are under an unprecedented scrutiny.”

But added, “We are going to take our city back.

“There’s a reason your called the Finest. Despite all the criticism, we’re going to stand up,” Hizzoner said. 

While Democrat Adams did not point fingers at specific progressive members of his party for causing the current crime wave in the city, he told the new cadets:

“I’m here to tell you today you are more than suitable to do your job and you would have the support to do your job — but it’s not easy,” he said. “There’s something noble about putting on a bulletproof vest and standing on street corners and running into the face of danger, only to be critiqued.

“But don’t allow the loud noise to displace the energy and spirit that people feel for you every day,” he said.

“Every-day New Yorkers, they want you.”

Mayor Adams, you should know that E\every-day New Yorkers want you to end the bail reform program and take back the subway and the streets.

That’s what we expect.


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