Zeldin taking on Hochul and her rope-a-dope strategy

As New Yorkers approach Election Day we are seeing the true colors of the Democrats in the state.

“We’ve consistently been gaining massive ground on Hochul as New Yorkers witness first hand her abysmal record on the issues more important to them — crime, the economy, corruption and more,” Rep. Lee Zeldin said Tuesday after a poll showed him just 4 points behind incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul.

It has gotten to the point where even disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s former controversial top aide Melissa DeRosa is slamming Hochul over her soft position on crime in the city.

“Voters respond to leadership. And they respond to a lack of leadership. Right now, the silence out of … the governor’s office on subway crime is deafening,” DeRosa said Tuesday.

“The reality is people want to feel safe. That’s their right. Yesterday morning, I saw on the news that somebody was pushed onto the subway track. Thank God the person was rescued. Hochul [then] puts out her schedule, and she says that she’s going to be making a public service announcement. I was actually hopeful, like, finally, they’re going to say something about crime and the MTA. And what does she do? She does a press conference on catalytic converters.”

“Unless the politicians, Hochul specifically … get smart to this … I think they’re going to have an uncomfortably close Election Day,” DeRosa said of Hochul, who she expected would still beat Zeldin this November.

“It’s more what Hochul isn’t saying…. She has been completely absent from the conversation, almost as if she has absolutely nothing to do with it. The reality is nobody cares if the train is on time if you’re worried about getting shot on the train,” she said.

“When there are really big problems, politicians have a tendency to duck them when they think they can’t solve them … But this is one that is not going away.”

Zeldin, who has been running on an anti-crime, bail reform platform has seen the race tighten as the voting continues despite not being able to get Hochul to debate.

“Kathy Hochul says the choice is zero debates or one debate,” the Long Island congressman said.

“It’s because Kathy Hochul is a coward. Let’s be honest. It’s because she’s scared to debate.

In a congressional race in southern Queens incumbent Gregory Meeks is using the same Democratic tactic of duck and cover against Republican challenger Paul King.

Meeks, who is Black, this week declined to take part in a debate sponsored by the NAACP.

The Dems know they cannot run on their recent records, so they are trusting that their base support will just follow the decades-long trend and elect them again.

Not a good strategy in this environment.


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