Hochul on crime: It’s you, not me

What is it with New York Democrats, who tells us crime is not up it is just us feeling that way?

On Monday Gov. Kathy Hochul downplayed New Yorkers’ worries over subway and street crime amid a surge in violent attacks — blaming it instead on a few “high-profile” crimes that “created a sense of fear in people’s minds.”

This excuse comes days after Mayor Eric Adams said that New Yorkers crime concerns were really a “perception” problem.

The “perception” that people are being killed or maimed on the subway or in the street on a almost daily occurrence is reality for all New Yorkers. The headlines are there, they stories are on TV and on the web.

Major crimes are up 30.4% this year through Sunday, compared to year ago figures, according to NYPD statistics.

Hochul, who is in a tight race against Republican Lee Zeldin for the governorship, will not talk about rolling back bail reform or replacing district attorneys who fail to prosecute major crimes.

She says she wants to flood the subway with police, but since more cops are walking off the job than ever before, that may be a big ask.

New York Democrats see the writing on the wall over their ultra progressive policies and how they are running behind in the polls.

I believe it’s too late for them to rollback these policies or even to hint that they may, because they will not move back to the center.


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