Adams blames soaring crime on ‘infrastructure’

Eric Adams held a two-day crime summit with local district attorneys to discuss “infrastructure’’ and “urgent action items.’’

What these terms mean to fighting soaring crime in the city baffles me.

Not discussed was how bail reform has created an environment where there is no longer a fear from criminals of being caught and going to jail.

Late last week Adams charged that the media was fanning the flames with its hyping up of crime.

“We’re having an issue around the infrastructure of our criminal-justice system,” Adams said after the weekend meeting. “This antiquated infrastructure is impacting on the ability of New Yorkers seeking justice on both ends of the spectrum.”


Here is another talking point coming out of the meeting.

Officials want to introduce what they called “care vans” to greet defendants as they come out of their first court appearances and offer them mental-health resources, Chief Counsel to the Mayor and City Hall Brendan McGuire said.

“We’re obviously just coming out of this, and so we’re still formulating the list of urgent action items,” McGuire said.

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly slammed Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday, accusing him of dropping the ball on rampant crime in the Big Apple and insisting, “This isn’t brain surgery.

“We were the safest big city in America just a few years ago,” he said.

“This isn’t brain surgery,” the former top cop said. “You go back and look at the things we were doing then and you re-implement them. But apparently, the mayor doesn’t want to do this.

“He doesn’t want to [bring back] anti-crime units, he doesn’t want to use stop and frisk.”

Adams along with Gov. Kathy Hochul’s only plan is to flood the subways with cops until election day to help stem some crime to get her elected.

This is not a plan but a ploy and we all will suffer if Hochul gets elected.


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