Get out the vote

As we approach Election Day, people need to look at what they are facing on a daily basis in New York City.

Do you feel safer or do you feel better about the economy?

These are local issues and nation-wide issues.

However, some of your answers can be rectified next week. The governor’s raace can take many fears out of our lives by voting for Rep. Lee Zeldin.

Rolling back the ridiculous bail reform laws and firing district attorneys who are not enforcing the law will go a long way to realigning police with prosecutors.

A Republican governor in Albany somewhat curtails New York from being a tourist destination for woman looking for abortion by limiting funding. It also slows the number of migrants being shipped here from the southern border.

If New York can flip the Cuomo-era pay-to-play games in Albany there is a chance that the state can make a comeback. If not, accept a loss of another million citizens, who made their lives here to make an exodus.

Many local Congressional races are heating up as well. One or two Republicans like Paul King have a chance to tip the balance of power in the House of Representative.

This coming Tuesday your vote could be decisive. Don’t lose the opportunity.



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