Hochul taken to woodshed on MSNBC

With Election Day upcoming Gov. Kathy Hochul was called out about the state’s out-of-control crime surge on MSNBC — of all places — where an anchor on the ultra-liberal network even told her “we don’t feel safe.”

“Here’s the problem. We don’t feel safe, you might be working closely with Mayor [Eric] Adams, you may have spent a whole lot of money but I walk into my pharmacy and everything is on lockdown because of shoplifters,” said anchor Stephanie Ruhle during her interview with Hochul on her show “The 11th Hour.

“I’m not going in the subway. People don’t feel safe in this town. So, you may have done these things. But right now, we’re not feeling good. We’re worried we could be San Francisco?”

As Crime in New York City spiking across the board since Hochul became governor last year, critics say the surge is fueled by repeat offenders sprung time and again because of the state’s 2019 bail reform law.

“We’ll never be San Francisco,” Hochul quickly interjected, who said the “most heinous” crimes — homicides, and shootings — were down from last year and that she was taking steps to remediate increases elsewhere.

Ruhle, however, appeared skeptical.

“It doesn’t matter what’s happening in other cities or other states,” she shot back. “The reason people don’t feel safe in New York, is why they’re starting to say, can Kathy Hochul be the right governor, right? It doesn’t really matter what’s happening in Pennsylvania or San Francisco, you need to get New Yorkers’` votes. And safety is a top issue for us.”

Hochul has gone after Zeldin for stances against abortion and his closeness to former President Donald Trump, who remains deeply unpopular in the Empire State. She also warned that as governor, Zeldin would have the power to pardon Trump should be convicted of state crimes.


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