Now Hochul, Adams attempt to woo NYC business leaders

Gov. Kathy Hochul tried to walk back her August announcement against Republicans that all 5.4 million of them: “Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, OK?” she said. “You are not New Yorkers.”

On Wednesday the progressive Democrat was on Wall Street with Mayor Eric Adams trying to woo business leaders i.e. Republicans to help bring the city back after the pandemic with soaring crime and taxes.

As Adams put it, “To continually attack high-income earners where 50% of our taxes are paid by 2% of New York … It blows my mind when I hear people say ‘Leave.’”

“No, you leave! I need my high-income earners right here in this city,” Adams said, to applause.

Hochul is facing a huge deficit on her record $220 billion projected budget suggests she has no interest in ever letting taxpayers off the hook.

In a strange marketing plan, which turns the “I Love NY” campaign on its ear. Hochul is using NY’s abortion-friendly laws to woo businesses to come here.

Hochul said that turning the page on the pandemic would give officials the chance to address “poverty, racism” and “wage gaps,” while mentioning that she spends her weekends on the phone with Texas business owners trying to lure them to the Empire State due to New York’s lack of abortion restrictions.


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