Buffalo snow storm response needs an investigation

How is it that more than 33 people died in Buffalo from a snow storm?

You would think the people there would know how to cope with a storm since this was already the second large snow storm of this season.

I know one guilty party to this nightmare. The media.

In an effort to garner ratings, Internet clicks they invented the phrase “bomb cyclone” to categorize this storm. What does the term even mean.

It sounds scary, but does not have any deeper meaning for many people.

Certainly Gov. Kathy Hochul and local officials need to be held accountable for the late call to close roads in the area and not having the proper response to trapped drivers in their cars.

As Erie County Sheriff John Garcia said Tuesday, “when we heard terms such as bomb cyclone, this is something that we’re used to in Western New York.”

“But,” he added, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

The response from all officials needs to be investigated, but first let’s get the area open so more people don’t die from the lack of food or heat.

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