‘Around 1,694 people — who are just wreaking havoc on our city,” Adams

Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday touted his abilty to fight crime in the city saying all the statistics are trending down despite what people are led to think.

Adams told reporters that, “It’s just a small number of people — around 1,694 people — who are just wreaking havoc on our city.”

Adams singled out “the person that broke into Robert De Niro’s house,” who authorities allege was career crook Shanice Aviles, 30.

“Look at the record of the person who was burglarizing the home of Robert De Niro while he was home with his family. Look at her record! This is what we are talking about,” he said.

Aviles, 30, who has at least 26 busts on her rap sheet, was given many opportunities to take part in programs that would keep her out of jail before she was charged with second-degree burglary in the brazen Monday morning heist, Manhattan prosecutors said at her arraignment.

Adams also blamed grand larcenies — which are up 27.6%, to 49,853 incidents this year — for driving up the city’s overall crime rate.”

“And these folks have said, ‘We’re gonna keep doing grand larceny,’” he said. “They believe our criminal justice system is in trouble and they just repeatedly are commiting the crimes, going to court, getting released. On their way from court, they do another grand larceny.”

Adams added, “We look at the numbers: grand larcenies are killing our stats.”

“Anyone who studies crimes, they know it’s about: How do we continue to trend in the right direction? We knew that it wouldn’t happen overnight,” Adams told reporters.

“But we pushed ahead in spite of that. New York remains — and people sometimes forget this, but I really want to highlight this — New York remains the safest big city in America.”

Adams added: “And in 2023, we want to push this city to be safer.”

The mayor cited “very important” statistics that show “a more than 17% drop in shootings, over 12% drop in homicides and a 27-year high for gun arrests.”

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