NYC council members back Drag Story Hour in Queens

Well the battle over Drag Story Hour at a public library came to Queens on Wednesday and the results were the same.

Dozens of parents and other concerned citizens protested during the wild scene outside the building in Jackson Heights.

NYPD tried to keep the sides divided on either side of the street, but tensions grew heated with parents and other concerned citizens chanting “Leave the kids alone.”

Across the street advocates were holding rainbow signs proclaiming: “Queens [hearts] queens.”

The event was funded by Jackson Heights council member Shekar Krishnan, who said Wednesday that he was “proud to support” Drag Story Hour “and the literacy, love, and joy it promotes in our libraries!”

He was joined by council speaker Adrienne Adams and two other council members in releasing a statement Thursday condemning the “vile and dangerous” protests against the events as well as the politicians supporting them.

“Hate in all its pernicious forms” has “no place in our city and must be condemned,” the statement said.

“We stand with New Yorkers gathering today in Jackson Heights to confront hate and defend families reading with their children.”

I am not sure the word “families” should be in any statement to support Drag Story Hour, but call me a traditionalist.

The battle lines were tight on the side street in Jackson Heights with protestors on both sides hurling insults across the 10 foot DMZ zone.

The Jackson Heights library, which is funded by local tax dollars, advertised the event as “a celebration of gender diversity, offering kids unabashedly queer role models and the confidence to express themselves however they feel comfortable.” It was to feature “an amazing drag artist reading picture books, singing songs, and leading children in a craft activity.”

This event is a not too far from where I grew up when the public library bus came to Saint Virgilius school when I was young and allowed millions of Queens kids to continue to create the greatest city in the world.

Now we are on the pathway of being the most woke and broke city in America.


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