More cat and mouse games between Adams and Sliwa

In what appears to be a never-ending cat and mouse game Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa spent Sunday trying to drum up support from Mayor Eric Adams’ Brooklyn neighbors to use feral cats to fight back against the local rat problem.

The mayor has been hit with what a city building inspector called evidence of a rat “runway” at his multifamily brownstone, where he said he allegedly lived up till he moved to Gracie Mansion after being elected.

There were reports at the time that Adams was living in Fort Lee, N.J. and just used the Lafayette Avenue address in Bedford-Stuyvesant as a front in order to run for mayor.

On Saturday, Sliwa claimed he received a profanity-laced call from the mayor urging him to stay away from the property. City Hall officials denied the cursing but did say the two men spoke.

Not sure where this game ends, but a thought would be to fix the problem that Adams has on his property as a responsible owner for his tenants and neighbors.

Why he has not addressed that problem already speaks volumes of his character.


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