Sliwa vs. Adams is the new Tom & Jerry show

The cat and rat game continued on Thursday between New York City Mayor Adams and Curtis Sliwa after the latter offered to become the city’s “Rat Czar.”

Making good on his offer Sliwa had his Guardian Angels cleaning up trash from the Brooklyn street that includes Hizzoner’s brownstone building.

The red beret-clad volunteers, led by Adams’ campaign foe Sliwa, cleaned garbage off of Lafayette Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant after neighbors of the mayor’s personal residence complained that filth had attracted vermin and that Adams’s building was cited with two tickets in connect with rat infestation.

“We were cleaning the trash today. It was massive. The neighbors were right. It’s a mess,” Sliwa said about the filth surrounding the mayor’s residence. “You have time to clean? Spic and Span on the block Friday!”

Sliwa said on Wednesday he has a plan to release feral cats at Adams’ multi-unit brownstone and to “help” the rodent problem by serving as the city’s rat czar “at no cost” after the mayor’s property was hit with two tickets for vermin.

“I will take him up on his offer. You know, if he says he will be my rat czar for free, I’m going to call him and I would like for him to come on board to do it,” Adams told reporters.

“Don’t put it out there if you’re not willing to live up to it.”

Adams also mocked his former opponent, saying he is “probably looking for a job” after losing to him in last year’s mayoral race.

“Tell Curtis: Come be my rat czar. OK, and he’s going to realize this is not a Tom and Jerry playful commercial here. This is real stuff,” Adams added Wednesday.

“I will make sure we bring him on board, he can be part of our internship program because I know he’s probably looking for a job since he lost a job that he was trying to get,” he said, referencing the mayoral race.


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