How I became another NYC crime victim

So here was my Monday morning commute into the city.

I got off the LIRR train from Bayside at Penn Station and was able to finally navigate my way off the platform and exit onto 34th Street.

Heading across 7th Avenue towards Herald Square to grab a Q Train out to Brooklyn, I notice a stocky woman crossing the avenue towards me.

As the crosswalk signal counted down into single digits, this woman is tracking me. As I move left or right she is matching my movements.

When we are a foot or so apart she screams, “Give me a cigarette.”

I say “No,” and proceed to get around her to get to the sidewalk as the light turns green for the southbound traffic on 7th Avenue.

With that she proceeds to hammer punch me two times on my upper back while screaming “F@CK YOU!”

I did not look back but kept walking shaking my head as to what being in Manhattan was all about today. I then heard cars blaring their horns at her as she continued across the avenue against the light.

Moments later a thought entered my mind saying thank God she did not have a knife to plunge into my back at that time.

I then realized I was very close to being another sad statistic in the city of someone killed or maimed by a person who should not be roaming the streets.

So that was my Monday morning, let’s hope Tuesday is a little better.

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