Make the Democrats provide security before workers enter Midtown Manhattan

First off, I want to thank all my readership for their regards to my post on Tuesday showing how anyone could become a victim of New York City crime. It is appreciated.

The city is not anything it used to be and it pains me to say this, but it will be years — if not decades — before it reaches its hey days again.

There is so much economic and societal degradation in Midtown right now that no one wishes to visit the area.

Within yards of the exit from Penn Station on 34th Street there are emergency shelters at many Midtown hotels providing housing for migrants arriving from the southern border.

Into this environment comes unsuspecting workers trying to get to their offices two or three times a week. It’s an area that is rife for failure of the state because right now there are more police on the subway at 34th Street than above ground.

The south side of 34th Street between Penn Station and Herald Square looks like a war zone.

Vacant storefronts with homeless sleeping in doorways with an occasional NYC tourist shop is a far cry from where this once-bustling corridor used to be. Now perhaps there is a new sneaker coming out that will draw a crowd on the street, which has its own sense of terror as people on the queue jostle for position while smoking their pot-infused vapes and blocking commuters from getting to their destination.

In a post-CoVid society, where most businesses adapted to remote working — or perished — this is not the time to be dragging employees into Midtown Manhattan offices just to justify their long-term leases.

It’s a hell hole that perhaps can’t be fixed anytime soon and should be thought of as dangerous. Employers should be held accountable for requiring workers to show up at their Midtown offices, if they worked remotely during the pandemic.

Let Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul demonstrate that they can clean up the mess that has become Midtown Manhattan before businesses demand they make workers run that gauntlet each day to the office from Penn Station, Grand Central Station of the Port Authority.


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