House Dem covers Wall St. as a representative and client

I would like to introduce you too the next House Democratic billionaire in waiting to take over Rep Nancy Pelosi as the most successful stock picker.

Rep. Dan Goldman, who was lead prosecutor against former President Donald Trump in his two impeachment trials and is heir to the Levi Straus & Co. fortune, has made more than 500 trades in his portfolio worth between $10 million and nearly $31 million since he was sworn in as a congressman in January, according to available public records.

Goldman, who represents lower Manhattan including Wall Street and parts of Brooklyn, sits on the Committee on Homeland Security and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

In March Goldman’s portfolio bought up to $50,000 in defense contractor Northrop Grumman stock. He also bought $15,000 worth of stock in defense firms Raytheon Technologies and L3 Harris Technologies.

Since Goldman’s district covers the Fi-Di neighborhood it’s not the least bit odd that there would be good calls on last month’s banking crisis.

Goldman’s portfolio sold up to $15,000 in stock in Credit Suisse on March 20, days before the Senate Finance Committee said the Swiss bank was continuing to violate a 2014 plea deal with US authorities by helping ultra-wealthy Americans evade taxes and concealing more than $700 million from the government.

Goldman’s portfolio also sold off roughly $15,000 worth of First Republic Bank on March 15, as its bank shares cratered following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and three weeks before the company announced it was suspending dividend payments to conserve capital.

Ironically, Goldman’s mother has the maiden name of Sachs, but it does not appear to have any connection to the Wall Street firm. However, Dan Goldman — on his father’s side — is an heir to the San Francisco jean empire.

Goldman’s spokesman Simone Kanter said he “is not involved in trading stocks in his portfolio,” adding it is “managed entirely by an investment adviser, with whom he has had no discussions about any stock trades since entering Congress.”


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