Southern border migrant crisis makes Afghan pullout look orderly

If you thought the evacuation of Afghanistan was a disaster just wait for news from the southern border begins to arrive this afternoon.

As ex-President Trump-ear immigration rule Title 42 expired overnight, it appears the Biden White House has no plan to counteract the invasion of migrants despite knowing this day would come for months as well — just like the Afghanistan pullout.

In the final hours before the pandemic-era immigration measure expired, US forces along the border were finally ordered to fortify their posts with barbed wire, concrete barriers and heavily armed teams patrolling their front lines.

And the barriers are the only thing that is concrete in Biden’s response to the crisis.

According to the feds, there are 24,000 Customs and Border Patrol agents, 1,400 Department of Homeland Security personnel, 1,500 members of the Department of Defense and 550 US troops have been deployed to the border.

CBP agents have apprehended over 10,000 people daily this week, there were an estimated 155,000 people still waiting in north Mexico with the intention of making it into the US, according to media reports.


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