Tough week for minority women in office

Not a great week for minority women in politics.

Kamala Harris has senior staffers fleeing over the toxic workplace her office has created.

It appears Harris is lax in her preparation, despite of her staff attempting to push her forward on the news of the day. I won’t even bring up her vigorous — yet wrong — defense of convicted liar Jussie Smollett when she called it a “modern-day lynching,” at the time of the “attack”.

Our next Black woman being shown the door is NY State Attorney General Letitia James, who is dropping out of the race for governor of New York after declaring on Wednesday that the state should become a sanctuary and allow anyone wanting a abortion to come get one and she’ll pick up the expenses.

Whoever is directing these minority female pols – and I am also talking about the squad in the House of Representatives – they must be someone with plenty of cash to support their troubling ideals.

Why does the name George Soros come to mind when I think of ultra left-wing pols pushing radical ideas?

The question is why do these minority women think they can attempt to overthrow the conventional thinking so much that they do not have to worry about funding in their local districts?

There much be plenty of money out there to compensate their campaigns to make up for the radical views they state in numerous stump speeches.

I’m believe Harris will get an important diplomatic post within the next year so that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg can move into the Veep position.

All totaled, I do not believe these progressive minority women are advancing any cause but their own. The opportunity was there, but they all seem to be too selfish to lift others with their service.