What caused all the havoc around the globe Tuesday?

Just to hopefully put a bow on this action-packed day.

Earlier today Vice President Mike Pence, who was about to take off on Air Force II, was  summoned to return to the White House for an undisclosed situation. Pence told his chief of staff that the reson for the cancelled trip would be revealed later this month.

Pence was scheduled to fly to Manchester, NH to speak to a gathering on the opioid crisis.

All the major stock exchanges fell quickly on the news, but recovered by 2:30 pm EDT.

President Trump had nothing on his official White House schedule Tuesday. However the President’s Twitter handle just released a tweet  on July 4th celebration in DC thereby quelling rumors he was ill or incapacitated.

Other events that were happening simultaneously but unsure if related were:

  • Military jets are at the ready to strike targets in Iran, according to Pentagon sources.
  • Other sources say this all has to do with the Russian nuclear sub where 14 souls perished earlierTuesday. Reports alleged the sub was allegedly commandeered with full nuclear capacity.
  • A C-32A military plane that First Lady Melania Trump and son Baron usually use took off from DC with VIP tag and call sign “Venus 91.”
  • Tanker jet circling Washington DC, along with other military craft.
  • Russian leader Vladimir Putin cancelled his evening meetings according to the Kremlin and instead is meeting with his Defense Minister.
  • UN Security Council has been urgently convened, according to a source with knowledge at the United Nations.
  • Unconfirmed reports that the European Commission security panel has been called in for a meeting in Brussels.

Some unnamed White House sources say there is no cause for alarm.