FLOTUS takes flak over jacket

One of the things I admire about the Trump White House is that they play social media like a fine tuned Stradivari.

Case in point First Lady Melania Trump wore a coat sold by Zara that read on the back:¬† “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” out to Andrews for a flight to visit¬†immigrant children at the Texas border.

Twitter exploded with images and questions about why she wore that. The afternoon mainstream media had segments upon segments as to why and what message she was sending to the American people. Of course it depended on which cable network you were watching as to how they parsed the message.

This was followed shortly with memes putting other less savory messages on the back of green slickers on social media.

It was Page One news around the country Friday morning, with my paper probably having the best headline as usual: FLAK JACKET.

Sure the President used the event to slap the fake news networks, by saying FLOTUS was commenting on the highly questionable reporting surrounding her recovery from her recent operation.

Why did she wear this particular garment? Who knows.

But the white House moved the imagery of the story from children in cages to FLOTUS and then the issue goes away, placed into the back of the closet where it was for 20 years until the Democrats pulled it out last Monday to ding the President.

And so it goes. Move on to the next issue and meme. That’s politics in 2018.


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