NYC Covid tracers: Don’t ask, don’t tell about being at a protest

The hypocrisy is getting so thick in New York City that you need a Sawzall to cut through it.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has told his team of hundreds of contact tracing agents not to ask  anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 if they attended the George Floyd demonstrations it in the city.

The sole purpose of these agents under de Blasio’s test and trace effort is to find out the people the infected person has been near to trace the spread of the disease. It’s literally the most important part of their job.

But then again if you do not want to show that a spike in infections was caused by the protests, then you simply don’t ask the question. However the infected person can provide that information if they chose.

However, if you attended an outdoor restaurant or bar, then that will probably be reported.

The one thing you can trace is the hypocrisy, which runs from City Hall all the way up to Albany.