Americans need to know what the Bidens’ are hidin’

===================== SPECIAL SATURDAY POST ======================

Someone in the Justice Department needs to explain to the American people where the Hunter Biden laptop investigation stands.

It’s 17 days to the presidential election and the voters should know if they are about to elect a traitor who is a national security risk that could be blackmailed by Russia and China. Is this the main reason reason behind the Democrats big push for early voting?

The American people deserve to know if the ex-Veep had his own quid pro quo with his son Hunter as it appears in some released emails.

The American people should be made aware that the FBI’s top child porn investigator, special agent Joshua Wilson, signed a subpoena for access to the laptop. This is a very disturbing development suggesting credence in the reporting of unsuitable underage images stored on the laptop. Perhaps the apple does not fall far from the tree?

When asked on Friday night for his reaction to the New York Post exclusive reporting, Biden became agitated at the reporter and reportedly said, “I knew you would ask that question, I have no response. It’s another smear campaign,” CBS News reporter Bo Erickson wrote on Twitter.

No denial of the ownership of the laptop or its contents. Just a smear campaign.

Meanwhile Democratic Veep nominee Kamala Harris has gone into hiding over an alleged Covid-19 infection of two staff members.

I also find it ironic that Democratic operatives are trying to pin this whole story — once again — on Russian operatives. How many times are the left going to use the “Russia, Russia, Russia” trope to cover up their own misdeeds?

Attorney General Bill Barr needs to be proactive here and not allow FBI Director Christopher Wray to slow walk this investigation past the election.

The future of America hangs in the balance.