Why is Chinese gov’t not a co-conspirator in George Floyd’s death?

As ex-police officer Derek Chauvin is scheduled to be sentenced this Friday after being convicted in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, I have one question: Why is China or at least the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) not an unindicted co-conspirator in this case?

As I am saying this it is not to pardon Chauvin’s actions, but to shed light on everyone of the problems Floyd faced on that fateful day can now be directly related to the informational and economic hot war the US is facing against the CCP.

To begin with on that day, Floyd was trying to pass a forged $20 bill. Well, according to figures from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Secret Service officials they reportedly seized $900,000 in counterfeit cash at the International Falls Port in Minnesota just two months before Floyd’s death.

An investigation found that the 45 cartons confiscated by the Secret Service came from Shanghai, China.

Second point that Floyd faced was that he was addicted to fentanyl. And who is the largest supplier of the synthetic opioid to the US? It is the CCP moving it across the southern border from Mexico.

Just last month, US Customs and Border Protection data showed that roughly 951 pounds of fentanyl were seized by officers at the Mexican border, up from the 240 pounds a year ago, according to statistics released by the agency on Tuesday.

So that is two direct links to the Chinese government’s involvement in Floyd’s life.

Lastly, the victim suffered from Covid-19 at the time of his death. We now have further evidence that the virus was “weaponized” with “gain of function” research in the CCP-controlled Wuhan lab and was released either by accident or deliberately.

So prior to Chauvin and Floyd meeting on that fateful day, the CCP had already claimed Floyd as a casualty in its hot war with America.