Jeffery Epstein’s intelligence ties

For those readers who may have been occupied on Labor Day below is an important update on Jeffery Epstein’s connections to CIA and Mossad. New post coming shortly.


Ever since former Trump Labor Secretary and then-federal attorney Alex Acosta said the reason child sex trafficker and groomer Jeffery Epstein got off easy on state charges for underage prostitution in Florida was “he was with intelligence,” I’ve been digging into that.

This post continues my point made here, here and here that Epstein was not a Manhattan financier with a penchant for teenage girls to give him a massage as portrayed in the media. No it goes far deeper.

Epstein was very involved in the Mega Group, which was a pro-Israel business group co-founded in 1991 by Charles Bronfman and Leslie Wexner. Bronfman’s sister Clare plead guilty to felony charges as an executive board member of Nxivm — the sex cult that imprisoned women as slave and branded them. Her sister Sara was also involved in the cult.

Wexner, who runs L Brands, was Epstein’s benefactor giving him his Manhattan townhouse for a song, while Epstein supposedly ran money for him.

Now many members of the Mega Group have life-long and generational support for the creation and continuation of Israel. The Bronfman family was reportedly providing arms and support prior to the 1948 creation of the state.

There are strong ties between current and former prime ministers of Israel and Wexner, Bronfman and other members including Ronald Lauder of Estee Lauder, hedge fund pioneer Michael Steinhardt and Edgar Bronfman Jr.

So as public photos have shown Epstein and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak were close friends with shots of Barak coming and going from Epstein’s infamous Manhattan townhouse.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert, according to published reports, was a long-time Israeli spy organization asset. This might go a long way to explaining how Ghislaine Maxwell is still free despite horrendous charges being levied at her by Epstein’s victims.

I cannot say definitively that Epstein worked for Mossad. The same way I cannot say Epstein ran a hedge fund, which provided his wealth. There is so much left secret about his life tha no one can pin it down, which in and of itself could tip you that he was “with intelligence.”

However what can be said is that Epstein ran a sex blackmail operation, which may have included sharing information with other intelligence agencies both in the US and in Israel.

Given the nature of this work and the organizations involved is it any wonder why cameras at the Metropolitan Correction Center in lower Manhattan malfunctioned on the fateful night of his “suicide”.

Investigative reporter Whitney Webb has done a very deep dive into the morass that was Epstein’s life, which can be found here.