Christmas envelopes hung with care for Bush funeral attendees

After getting tens of thousands of hits on this blog for writing on the Bush funeral envelopes I feel an update is due.

At Christmas we saw a decades-old photo of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea in the White House posted on social media. The Obama’s appear to have put out an older photo under mistletoe without the children.

It’s not surprising that Vice President Pence or ex-Veep Joe Biden did not get any notice for any Christmas postings since they are not known for that.

Former President Bush and family did put up a Christmas posting showing George and Laura with daughters and spouses and grand children. A new age way of mourning.

So what are we to make of the shock and awe that was brought about by the reading of the personal notes found in the booklets? It’s a mixed bag in the after-burial reactions by the individual couples.

What I find amazing is that there is not a word of this in the media. The idea that there is all this video showing the opening and reading of the notes by the wives and their reactions to the message while asking of the spouse if it was true, how could that be ignored?

I will reserve judgment until next week after the first of the year to see if anything comes of these notes to see if there is the “promise to ‘counter'”.