Christmas envelopes hung with care for Bush funeral attendees

After getting tens of thousands of hits on this blog for writing on the Bush funeral envelopes I feel an update is due.

At Christmas we saw a decades-old photo of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea in the White House posted on social media. The Obama’s appear to have put out an older photo under mistletoe without the children.

It’s not surprising that Vice President Pence or ex-Veep Joe Biden did not get any notice for any Christmas postings since they are not known for that.

Former President Bush and family did put up a Christmas posting showing George and Laura with daughters and spouses and grand children. A new age way of mourning.

So what are we to make of the shock and awe that was brought about by the reading of the personal notes found in the booklets? It’s a mixed bag in the after-burial reactions by the individual couples.

What I find amazing is that there is not a word of this in the media. The idea that there is all this video showing the opening and reading of the notes by the wives and their reactions to the message while asking of the spouse if it was true, how could that be ignored?

I will reserve judgment until next week after the first of the year to see if anything comes of these notes to see if there is the “promise to ‘counter'”.


Working outside the envelope will take some time

Sunday’s special post on what was in the envelopes at the President George H W Bush funeral mass on Dec, 5, 2018, generated tremendous reactions from my readers.

The videos re-enforce the narrative of change is coming with visual evidence of their reactions. Not sure we will get further clarity on what the notes contain, but surely the message came from the White House.

This could be the first variable evidence that big changes are coming in 2019 as Trump’s new presidential order takes effect on Jan. 1. We will have to wait a short time to see if we can get confirmation of the rumors circulating.

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May I have the envelopes please at George HW Bush’s funeral

Two special updates from the President on the envelopes.


======================SPECIAL SUNDAY POST========================

At President George H.W. Bush’s funeral on December 5th there was odd occurrences that really was missed by many in attendance or watching on TV.

I’m not speaker of the younger President Bush passing a mint to Michelle Obama while he was greeting her.

Many of the former presidents’ wives received an envelope in their program, which depending on the individual, brought shock and disbelief to their faces immediately after reading the note inside the envelope.

Hillary Clinton, Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and very surprisingly Karen Pence all had envelopes in their programs.

Now what this tell me is that their Secret Service details were aware of the situation, since they would have checked the programs before hand. Also on what orders were they given to leave the programs alone and not check the envelopes for explosives or poison powder.

I have embedded videos of most of the women opening the envelopes. One funny aside is Former President Jimmy Carter sitting next to Hillary and seeing the envelope fall out of the program thumbs through his program only to find no envelope and then turns to his wife Rosalynn and asked if she received one. Of course they did not get one.

The reaction of Hillary Clinton is pretty mundane, and when first I saw it I figured they were invited to a private affair after the church service. Michelle Obama the same thing.

Jill Biden was more shocked it seemed as Joe took it from her hand.

Bush the most dramatic response came from Laura Bush and the reaction of Jeb Bush when he saw the note. Jeb was crestfallen while George Bush just closed his eyes and lowered his head.

The only answer to what was on the notes comes in a post during a Q&A session last week.

Q: What were in the envelopes ???

A: Our promise to ‘counter’.

Not surprisingly we were told earlier to “Follow the wives.”

All I can say is that’s a scene right out of the “Godfather”. At the funeral mass, you take them out. Bravissimo.

I posted an update on Dec. 29th.

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Kavanaugh’s confirmation will put Feinstein in spotlight

======================= SPECIAL SATURDAY POSTING ==================

SCOTUS Associate Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s vote will happen on Saturday afternoon despite efforts by Senator Feinstein to wrangle up dissenting votes.

Note Feinstein has a phone in her right hand, which may at some point in the future may allow us to know what this heated conversation was all about. Certainly the NSA knows what was said by whom.

Senator Feinstein has Senator Murkowski backed into a corner prior to Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation vote.

Judging from body language and facial expressions it was not an enjoyable discussion at all.

This very well could be the beginning of the end for Sen. Feinstein as Kavanaugh’s confirmation will now allow the FBI to fully investigate how her office handled the Dr. Ford materials and leaked them to the press.

Not to mention that Feinstein had an alleged Chinese spy was part of her staff for almost 20 years.

If you saw the video of senators Schumer and Feinstein press conference, this woman has a lot more on her mind that just battling a SCOTUS nominee. It appears this is a life-threatening situation for the California Democrat.

Between now and Election Day we will see many allegations of corruption against Democrats, as the FISA documents are released and the charade that Kavanaugh’s accusers put on in the Senate over the last two weeks.

It will be very difficult for the House or the Senate to swing in the Dems favor once the charges are announced. The “Not Trump” movement will still be strong on both coasts but the middle of the country could swing red after hearing the fraudulent actions of some of the “safe” Democrats.

For me personally, I am looking forward to Michelle Obama’s “rock star” book tour allegedly kicking off in the middle of November, just as the county comes to realize that her husband’s administration was spying on a presidential candidate in order to help Hillary Clinton presidential aspirations.

It will make the Watergate scandal look like a routine breaking and entering charge.




Uncovering magazine’s biases: Melania has yet to be on any cover

I assigned a story for Sunday’s New York Post Business section that took off on the web producing such large numbers on the web, it even surprised me.

The topic is one that the paper covers regularly, media and publishing. Most of the stories these days are the troubles with once household names like Time magazine, Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and other once valuable publishing properties. Continue reading