Prez stands by 2020 Census citizen question

I was very happy to see this tweet below from President Trump.

What is the purpose of doing a head count every 10 years if you do not know how many citizens are in each congressional district?

It’s easily answered from the Democratic side, who are looking at giving non-citizens the right to vote or providing documents that can lead to them being able to vote Democrat.

Why else would the Dems be abdicating their Constitutional mandate when they are sworn into office of protecting the country. Undocumented border crashers do not have a greater right than people who immigrate lawfully.

Why spend billions on a head count that the end results do not matter when allotting seats in the House Of Representatives or the amount of financial aid needed in communities?

The Census number plus the number of legal immigrants gathered from other federal registries should provide all the data necessary to figure out what is needed in individual locations.

Name. Address. Citizen? Y/N.

That should be the short form for Census Bureau.