Plenty of memorials this Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all. And for those who believe that is an oxymoron, well good on you.

Seven New Yorkers were shot Sunday with illegal firearms, as two died.

This comes as Daniel Enriquez, the Goldman Sachs employee who was brazenly shot and killed last week on the Q train has his wake in Queens.

Enriquez’s memorial was marked by friends and relatives telling stories of his pacifist ways and how he abhorred violence only to be shot in cold blood on his way to Sunday brunch last week.

While the recent tragedies in Texas and upstate New York involved legal firearms, these seven shooting Sunday alone bring the number of New Yorkers shot this year with illegal firearms to well over 100 by my estimation.

And yet Democratic lawmakers — including Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul — want to see tougher gun laws despite not being able to do anything about the illegal guns being deployed nightly on the streets.

Tougher gun laws will do nothing for victims being shot at in Brooklyn, the Bronx or Queens. It will not dissuade felons from the shooting at two police officers while on patrol in Arverne, Queens on Friday. It will not bring back Daniel Enriquez.

What Adams and Hochul do not wish to understand is that illegal guns are on NYC streets as a direct result of their Democratic policies and that of their predecessors. Once these politicians took the side of the criminals with their “defund the police” and bail reform policies, there was no deterrent to packing heat on the streets.

So on this Memorial Day as we remember those who died in uniform, let’s take a moment to remember those innocent people who died at the hands of illegal guns in NYC.