Bernie Sanders spit the bit on Monday

Here’s what I find astounding from the opening night speeches of the Democrats at the national convention.

Although it has been eight years of economic malaise under President Obama, it is the Bush administration’s fault that wages haven’t risen in over that time. It’s not the Democrats fault real GDP growth over 2.5% hasn’t occurred and that the middle class has almost disappeared.

How can you cite the growing schism between the haves and the have-nots over the last eight years and not take responsibility for it?

How can you not cite the record number of Americans working part-time jobs, but wishing for full-time employment. You can’t cherry-pick data — oh, well maybe you can — and then blame the guy before you and the guy who may come after you.

As I have written before in one of my most read posts, Obama instituted through his policies the greatest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the one percenters in the history of the earth.

It makes 17th century France look like a tyros in their execution and we know the king and queen lost their heads over that.

It is beyond comprehension for Sen. Elizabeth Warren to chastise Congress, when it was the White House that through lack of leadership became the first president in history not to record one year of 3% GDP growth. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt hit that mark during the Great Depression.

As for Sen Bernie Sanders, he cited the numbers under Obama, but still harkened back to Bush and then jumped to Donald Trump’s policies as being the same.

I’m guessing the last eight years were a black hole, where no inept policies will ever escape into the light of day.

As for Sanders, he blew it. He says he started a revolution, but he did not wish to finish it.

He should have stood at the podium Monday night and declared to Hillary and the convention, that she release her delegates and have an open convention.

He should have demanded that since the primaries and caucuses where not a level playing field that the vote be done on the floor. Win or lose he would have made history.

But, his people negotiated a plane ride and some other amenities for his endorsement. Not historic at all.