Mr. Nunes, ask Mueller about the DNC hack

Next week former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is scheduled to testify before Congress as to his report, which concluded with no charges being brought against the Trump campaign or the president.

Much will be made of the investigation, which lasted almost two years with costing $40 million with 19 lawyers, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, 500 witnesses interviewed and more than 230 subpoenas for communications records.

And yet with all that firepower Mueller never answers the prime question that launched this whole charade.

Who hacked the Democratic National Committee’s servers? Sure Mueller requested indictments of 18 Russians that no one knows. However the DNC did not allow Mueller’s team to have the FBI examine the server, instead a DNC contractor — CrowdStrike — said the server was hacked.

Fast forward to 2017, Bill Binney — ex-National Security Agency cyber sleuth — and a team of retired intelligence officers issued a report on what exactly happen with the DNC emails.

Binney and and his team wrote in a report: “the highest transfer rate was 49.1 megabytes per second, which is much faster than possible from a remote online connection. The 49.1 megabytes speed coincides with the download rate for a thumb drive.”

So the hack was an inside job. No Russians bouncing files off of global data hubs to mask themselves. Nope, someone — and that’s another rabbit hole that only Julian Assange knows the answer to — plugged in a thumb drive and download everything.

If I was a Republican on the Congressional committee, then my first question would be, “Director Mueller, since the alleged DNC server — that you say in your report was hacked by the Russians — why was that not analysized by the FBI so that the country did not have to go through the last two and half years of this charade?

Mueller’s answer could put an end to this national nightmare.