What to expect from alt-left media at 9:31 AM Thursday

So what can we expect at 9:30 AM Thursday when Attorney General Bill Barr ans Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein take to the podium to release the redacted Mueller report?

I assume the Democrats have already put their talking points out with the alt-left media on how many instances Special Counsel Robert Mueller questioned behavior of the Trump administration in matters covering Russian collusion and/or obstruction of justice.

Remembering of course that Mueller recommended no charges be brought by the Attorney General. Also that Barr AND Rosenstein agreed with the Mueller findings.

Rosenstein was the Justice Department official who offered to were a wire when meeting with the President in 2017 to gather evidence to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment. So he is no fan or lackey.

By 9:31 AM you will have alt-left commentators screaming about the X number of times Mueller suggests this act was questionable or that statement was not totally upfront and honest.

The only defense any administration personnel needs for this charge is to say, “The US government was spying on its citizens, so to say that testimony is not honest is because the Obama administration has tapes of what I said all those many months ago,”

And continue with “If the government did not violate my Fourth Amendment protections, then none of this investigation could have happen.”

Drop the mic and walk away.

I’ll be back with my thoughts later this morning.