Supreme Court delays Schiff’s Hail Mary against Trump

The Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily blocked Rep. Adam Schiff and his fellow Democratic House members from getting secret grand jury testimony of ex-special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The High Court’s ruling blocked a DC federal appeals court ruling in March until the full court can convene in early summer.

As evidenced in the Lt. Gen Michael Flynn case, both the Obama and Trump administrations were already made aware by British intelligence of the FISA abuse and their negative assessment of the Russian Dossier in Jan. 2017.

Before Mueller even was assigned by Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, British spy operators alerted both Obama NSA Susan Rice and Trump’s incoming NSA Flynn that the dossier had no credibility.

The British confession is cited by many as to why ex-FBI chief James Comey along with Justice Department chiefs went after Flynn to squash knowledge that the dossier allegedly written by Christopher Steele was a work of fiction.

This allegation is strongly supported by the shoddy work done by Comey, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and FBI Agent Peter Strzok that has been uncovered by the Justice Department, which decline to prosecute Flynn earlier this month.

Not surprising the Mueller report at 448 pages did not reach any conclusions whether Trump or his advisors colluded with Russians. Mueller did find a score of Russian names from the Moscow telephone book and stated that they made memes that ran on Facebook.

Schiff and the other Democratic House managers during the impeachment hearings desperately tried to get the grand jury testimony released in the hopes of finding something Mueller missed during his 18 month probe.

Since the impeachment went nowhere, the High Court saw no reason to rush a ruling at this time.

Hopefully by summer additional indictments will show the real cast of characters behind the FISA Abuse/Russian collusion case.