Cuomo’s disgusting defense

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is struggling to remain in office today after Attorney General Letitia James revealed her damning report on his sexual harassment charges on Tuesday.

No matter how egregious James’s report was categorizing the charges of 11 women against Cuomo, it brought to mind fellow Democrat and ex-FBI Director James Comey’s allegations against Hillary Clinton. Comey in 2016 laid out multiple national security crimes against Clinton, but ended by saying there would be no prosecution.

It was the same with Democrat James on Tuesday. Citing that she believed the 11 women, the Attorney General said her work was done and if some entity wanted to criminally prosecute Cuomo they could use the report, because she was not pushing forward with charges.

However, fellow Democrats from NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio all the way up to President Joe Biden and many in-between called for Cuomo’s resignation on Tuesday.

The defiant Cuomo took to the airwaves on Tuesday to profess his innocence by way of disgustingly bringing up his then-teenage daughter’s own sexual assault as evidence that he was attempting to help one of his victims get through her own troubles.

Cuomo went so far in his defense to release a photo slideshow of him being inappropriate showing him touching or kissing the faces of men, women and children at public events over the years as he claimed his accusers had “sought to unfairly characterize and weaponize everyday interactions that I’ve had with any number of New Yorkers.”

The word delusional comes to mind as Cuomo struggles to remain in office. He obviously is not using “the facts” as he often stated during the pandemic to refute what he is allegedly charged with.

Well needless to say Cuomo will not be heading to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend for ex-President Barack Obama’s birthday party. But knowing the governor he will probably not resign before then either.

Let’s face it Cuomo should be facing 12 New York jurors for what he allegedly did to the 11 women. Not living in the Governor’s Mansion in Albany.