Chuck & Nancy can’t defend their wall ‘outrage’

President Trump in his Oval Office speech on Tuesday night gave his most presidential appearance of his term.

Trump was passionate and reserved as he pointed out to the American people the dire need for border security. He concisely pointed out the carnage and mayhem being brought upon this country because of illegal aliens.

His best line of the night centered on the morality of building a wall. “People don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, they build walls because they love the people on the inside,” the President said.

Now realizing of course that we are too far down the shutdown road for this, but liberal left politicians spend $5 billion in a cocaine heartbeat on their different agendas.

So if it’s not the amount of money needed for the wall, what is the Democrats rational for not funding the President’s request besides not giving him an important victory now?

Neither Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer nor House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were able to inform the American people why they were against building the wall.

“It’s not as dangerous” as the President says. Is not an answer for the California police officer’s family and others cite by the President.

I’ll venture a guess as to why the liberals are against effective border security. The same reason the European Union is being overrun by Muslims. The globalists’ open borders agenda has brought out the yellow vests in force throughout France, Belgium and Germany to name a few.

Closing the border effectively would also reduce the Democratic Party’s ability to maintain its viability to recruit new members.

While all the parties will meet Wednesday to discuss further funding for border security,  nothing will come of it. So the ball will be in Trump’s court to declare a national emergency or a limited military action at the border to finish building sections not already funded and being constructed.

Chuck and Nancy chose the hill they wanted to die on, but could not give the American people the real reason for this futile effort.

It’s time for the President to move on to more important matters.


2016 sowed the seeds of change. Now what?

As 2016 draws to a close, I am one who thinks the year has been monumental for the change it will bring to the world both economically and politically in the near future.

Historians will begin to see the import probably ten years from now, but the seeds were sown for a dramatic shift towards nationalistic politics in an attempt to pull these economies out of the decade-long malaise.

You could start with Iceland’s treatment of bankers and the enormous debt the island nation took on to pull itself out of the financial crisis as the possible ignition switch.

Then in 2016 you have Brexit. The surprising vote from the UK, where the British people approved the leaving of the European Union. Whether it was right or wrong, the exit party played on the fact that the unelected EU regulators had too much control over their daily lives.

The fear that Brussels could dictate policy more than Parliament, played to the voter fears that hordes of immigrants would be coming ashore because of these continental dictates.

Brexit — you could say — greased the skids for President-elect Donald Trump’s win over Hillary Clinton. Trump’s focus on keeping jobs in America and draining the swamp of life-long political hacks directing policy regardless of who occupied the White House, also resonated with voters in the same way as the British felt with Brussels.

History tells us that a turn to nationalism is generally seen as a negative, as countries turn to look inside generally leads to bellicose attitudes by the leadership. However most of the nationalistic warring leaders are far left-wing politicians.

Over the last 75 years with Germany, Russia and China the moves towards a socialistic society have had dramatic effects on their people and for the planet. Generally speaking a right-wing leadership takes on a globalist view, so these moves under the UK with Prime Minister Theresa May and in the US under a Republican Trump is something of an anomaly.

How 2017 will play out with all the developments, which happen this year is still too early to tell, but as the Chinese proverb states: May you live in interesting times, seems to have come to fruition.

The nationalistic bent of the WASP Summer

Off of yesterday’s post, I can see a nationalistic movement happening around the world. We could call it the WASP Summer.

Writing about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments on fair and just trade pacts, we have news out of Germany that the people are rising up against  its leader Angela Merkel.

The German people are looking to reverse Merkel’s immigration policies, which has seen over 1 million refugees entering the country since 2015.

In a local election in Merkel’s home district her party came in third behind a new upstart political party bent on closing Germany’s borders.

There are also measures moving through the German parliament to remove the barriers that prevent the military from quelling riots on its soil.

If you combine that with last week’s announcement by Ireland that it did not wish to collect $14.5B in taxes from Apple that the EU says the company owes it and this summer’s Brexit vote, then you have the makings of a WASP Summer, a spin-off of the Arab Spring.

All these measures are in direct defiance of the globalist view of free trade and open borders. But as many have pointed out free trade means chasing the lowest cost of production around the globe.

These trade pacts do little to spur economic growth in first world nations. The cost savings of manufacturing combined with sweetheart tax havens fill the coffers of multinational conglomerates. See Apple again.

This anti-globalist view has a direct impact on the US presidential election. While many Republicans cite different remarks that Trump has made on the campaign trail as the reason for not backing him, I believe the globalists are withholding support from him over his TPP remarks.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is the latest trade pact to push the globalist agenda, but it still needs to be ratified by Congress. So secretive was the TPP that there are no versions of the pact available to the general public to review.

Congressmen and women could only view the proposed agreement in an office in the Capitol Building and were restricted from talking about what the pact contained.

That does not sound like a piece of legislation that should ever be passed.

So the nationalistic fervor may be sweeping the globe in retaliation for the last 10 years of globalist intervention via the coordinated efforts of the central banks and IMF, World Bank and its feeble results to lift the global economy out of a decade-long doldrums.

So while the rhetoric of “Building a wall” and other simplistic jingoisms have popped up during the campaign, the powerbrokers are sweating it out to see if this nationalistic attitude will sway the election. But only Trump can put this word out in terms that an electorate can understand. He has to move voters by telling them this is about a way of life that will disappear.

Deutsche chief Cryan sees “fatal consequences"

Deutsche Bank chief John Cryan fired his latest salvo not at his usual target Mario Draghi and the ECB, but directly to the German people.

The chairman of the largest European bank told the press in a passion plea that if the ECB continues its negative interest rate policies, it could led to  “fatal consequences” for savers and pension plans.

“The ECB’s policy is squeezing the margins of Europe’s struggling banks, making it harder for insurers to find profitable investments and dangerously distorting financial market prices,” Cryan told reporters.

Cryan pointed out that 90% of Germans have their savings in the bank and are getting no return on their investments.

Cryan has also faulted ECB chief Draghi for his policies of telling banks to increase reserves, yet the bank makes no interest on those reserves with negative returns on German sovereign debt trading below zero.

I’m not sure I have ever heard a bank chairman use the term “fatal consequences.” You could put Cryan’s comments in the column with other big name investors predicting dire consequences due to central bank policies.

Thursday morning we got news from both ends of the retail sector — Tiffany and Sears both reported horrible quarters.

Sales were down almost double digits at Tiffany year-over-year and Sears continues to lower sales comps quarter-over-quarter since hedgie Eddie Lampert took on the CEO role in 2013.

Tiffany blamed China, Lampert doesn’t comment. Yet it is more amble proof that the US consumer on both ends of the spectrum is pulling back and squirreling away the meager discretionary income they have for staple products.

Brexit is just the beginning

Welcome to Brexit and World War III.

It’s not a hot war, it’s an economic war, where debt is the new A-bomb.

The European Union has its seeds in post-WWII Europe, to draw the countries together economically so it would not be in their interests to go to war against each other, i.e. France and Germany.

Well that lasted 70 years, and now the grand experiment has run its course. The EU has no ability to keep the prosperous members from exiting over its socialist backbone. The bringing Germany and France down in order to fund its southern tier of willnots: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

How long will it be before Germany comes to the realization that it cannot continue to fund the EU members on its own? The disdain for immigrants creating ghettos in German cities and towns is out there on the web daily it many news stories and blogs.

Look no further than the stock reaction on Friday. Germany’s DAX was down almost 7% and France’s CAC lost more than 8%, while London’s FTSE only fell by 3.1%. The market knows who the real losers are. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece all saw double-digit loses on their exchanges.

The open borders policy that the EU has for immigration, which through Muslim terrorists acts, has left EU members open to attacks.

The nationalistic bent being pushed in Britain will spread through the continent, and those countries that can act, will.

So as EU bureaucrats say the parting of the ways with London must happen soon, they say that because Brussels does not want other member states to come to the understanding that the “Great Experiment” has run its course.

Unfortunately for Europe, there is no Marshall Plan for rebuilding the debt-ravaged countries on the continent, since America and Asia have their own debt problems.