Looks like Biden can’t take a jab

As America passed the one year anniversary of the first Covid-19 infection, President Biden signed an executive order outlining his strategy to combat the pandemic.

Not much is new in it besides a mask mandate, which he broke hours later.

The new EO relies on ramping up vaccine production to 1 million doses a day administered in order to get to herd immunity quicker.

The problem lies in the fact that the current vaccines do not offer immunity, as CDC chief Dr. Anthony Fauci explained.

The vaccines cut the possibility of critical response to the infection. The jabs will cut the mortality rate, but not the infection rate. This is why people who have received both doses have to continue to wear masks and practice social distancing guidelines, according to Fauci.

This is why I believe the most vulnerable should be the first to get the vaccine in order to cut the 4,000 deaths per day.  

While Biden blasted President Trump for the current situation saying, “We’re in a national emergency and it’s time we treat it like one.” Biden neglected to mention the fact that the Trump administration’s efforts brought these vaccines to market in record time, since this is the core of his “new” program.

After outlining his 198-page plan, a reporter remarked that his 1 million doses a day target was only marginally higher than Trump’s projections, Biden brushed off the question with this response, “Gimme a break, man.”

Looks like our new president can’t take a jab.