Dorian causing a storm of fake news

On Tuesday I wrote about the extremely deliberate path Hurricane Dorian took through the Caribbean and how it managed some pin-point accuracy to stories recently in the news.

In hindsight I neglected to mention the left’s mainstream media attacks against President Trump over the storm. It had nothing to do with preparedness or lack of response. No it had to do with minor, arcane issues.

It began last week when an Axios article wrongly attributed to the President the talk of using a tactical nuclear weapon in an attempt to steer the storm away from the US coast.

Of course that was false, but it provided chatter on the left’s cable networks for an afternoon.

Then Thursday the whole fake news Sharpie controversy exploded about whether a projected track of Dorian would transverse Florida and enter the Gulf of Mexico putting Alabama at risk.

I will not get into the fact that CNN’s map of the storm labeled Alabama as Mississippi.

Plenty of bogus chatter over the storm. Makes me think there was another agenda by the left to throw the news away from Epstein’s Pedo Island taking a direct hit and Chinese shipping ports in Bahama being hit “dead center”.

There was plenty of obfuscation, which led me to look a little further.

The only real storm I see in Alabama is the move by the state Republicans are seeking for the House of Representative to oust Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from Congress.

Perhaps it is a map for that.