Hochul works on pronouns while city burns

Gov. Kathy Hochul signed legislation Thursday replacing the word “salesman” with “salesperson” — as Albany is all about getting further woke.

Unfortunately Hochul is not working on getting any legislation through on reforming the bail laws, which most New Yorkers so desperately want.

“Jobs have no gender, but unfortunately, many of our state’s laws still use gendered language when discussing professions that are practiced by people of all genders,” state Sen. Anna Kaplan (D-Nassau) said of the bill she sponsored with Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell (D-Manhattan).

The new law also changes the use of “his” or “her” with “their” in relevant statutes affecting the real estate industry, which it deemed “antiquated”.

Hochul is all about changing definitions and usage. She recently signed new laws, which banned the use of the terms “mentally retarded” and “inmate” in favor of “developmentally disabled” and “incarcerated person.”

While Albany lawmakers fiddle, the city is burning without the much needed bail reform legislation.

On Thursday convicted sex offender who allegedly cold-cocked a man on a Bronx street — leaving him in a coma with brain injuries — was freed without bail after getting his attempted-murder charges reduced in the unprovoked attack.

In a horrific video you can see how Bui Van Phu slams the unsuspecting victim, yet The Bronx district attorney reduce the charges.

This is an example of what many New Yorkers want. Change the definition of what is a crime and who should be charged and held accordingly.

We don’t want pronouns changed, we want criminals charged correctly.

That — by definition — would make life better for many New Yorkers.