Why was Energy chief Rick Perry involved in Ukrainian policy?

On Tuesday morning the public impeachment hearings begin its second week with testimony from Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the National Security Council’s top Ukraine specialist.

Documents released over the weekend suggest that Vindman, who was on the call, is one of the NSC staffers that provided the whistleblower with information about the call.

Also it appears through the transcript release of secret testimony of Kurt Volker — the US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations until late Sept of this year — that Vindman was behind delaying Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s White House visit (see below).

















Remember what I have said all along with this Ukrainian operation. These charges against Trump are to cover up decades of arms and nuclear energy stockpiling in Ukraine to ship to countries from Afghanistan to northern Africa for purposes of regime change.

So it makes sense that Deep State members from NSC, CIA and State Department would delay developing a better relationship between The White House and the Zelensky administration to keep the operation quiet.

Think about this, why would Trump’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry be part of the administration’s Ukrainian task force (labeled the Three Amigos by the Democrats) — along with EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland and Volker? Is there a part of the infamous call transcript that has been redacted for security reasons by both sides?

The time length of the call and the length of the transcript seem to be at odds unless there was large gaps for translations or off-call discussions.

I believe there was discussions of developing a liquid natural gas plant in Ukraine probably through Burisma energy company. This would be in keeping with Deep State’s need to secretly process procured energy.

I do not believe we will hear any of this in today’s hearings, but keep it in mind as the proceedings go forward this week with Sondland and Volker testimonies coming up.