Cuomo is running and so are New Yorkers from the state

There is no escape from New York.

While Midtown Manhattan still has boarded up store fronts from days of rioting and looting, Governor Andrew Cuomo and  Mayor Bill de Blasio put the screws on ordinary citizens enjoying a spring Sunday.

Cuomo in his daily diatribe claimed the state received 25,000 calls reporting on businesses reopening early or people not obeying mask and distancing rules. He also threatened to shutdown Manhattan and the Hamptons on Long Island if local authorities did not clamp down on people.

The sheer hypocracy of his stance against residents is mind boggling as New York City is only a week or so away from having police cars on fire on the streets and Macy’s being looted.

Cuomo can tell you he is not running for any other office, but his continuing comments on George Floyd say differently.

No Cuomo is running and so are the people of New York. Running away from the state by the thousands each week. For them there is an escape.