No miracle on 34th Street this year, Virginia

I’m sorry Virginia, but there is no Santa Claus again this year.

Here is my on the street report from 34th Street in Manhattan where there will be no miracles this year thanks to an incompetent outgoing mayor and his health department lackeys.

The longest lines on Wednesday evening outside Macy’s was for CoVid testing under pup tents set up on the side walk.

The people on the line did not have shopping bags filled with gifts, nor rolls of wrapping paper. They had masks and fear in their eyes.

This is what happens when the leadership of the city tries to go out on a high note to help their candidacy for governor next year.

Bill de Blasio and his Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi mandated vaccines for all city employees –– believing foolishly –– that they could control the spread of the virus. Well that nonsense led to nearly 8 percent of the NYPD’s workforce being out sick on Tuesday.

All these 2,712 officers are vaccinated per de Blasio’s mandate, yet they fell ill. The number we will not get from the city is how many of these infected cops are confirmed to have already had the virus.

I will venture a guess that that number is zero per my post on Tuesday.

So Virginia there will be no sitting on Santa’s lap again this year. You must social distance with a mask on and a vaccine passport in hand even if you are five-years old.

And the bell you hear ringing is not for an angel getting his wings, but just some person getting a third booster shot believing that will save them.