Chuck & Nancy can’t defend their wall ‘outrage’

President Trump in his Oval Office speech on Tuesday night gave his most presidential appearance of his term.

Trump was passionate and reserved as he pointed out to the American people the dire need for border security. He concisely pointed out the carnage and mayhem being brought upon this country because of illegal aliens.

His best line of the night centered on the morality of building a wall. “People don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, they build walls because they love the people on the inside,” the President said.

Now realizing of course that we are too far down the shutdown road for this, but liberal left politicians spend $5 billion in a cocaine heartbeat on their different agendas.

So if it’s not the amount of money needed for the wall, what is the Democrats rational for not funding the President’s request besides not giving him an important victory now?

Neither Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer nor House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were able to inform the American people why they were against building the wall.

“It’s not as dangerous” as the President says. Is not an answer for the California police officer’s family and others cite by the President.

I’ll venture a guess as to why the liberals are against effective border security. The same reason the European Union is being overrun by Muslims. The globalists’ open borders agenda has brought out the yellow vests in force throughout France, Belgium and Germany to name a few.

Closing the border effectively would also reduce the Democratic Party’s ability to maintain its viability to recruit new members.

While all the parties will meet Wednesday to discuss further funding for border security,  nothing will come of it. So the ball will be in Trump’s court to declare a national emergency or a limited military action at the border to finish building sections not already funded and being constructed.

Chuck and Nancy chose the hill they wanted to die on, but could not give the American people the real reason for this futile effort.

It’s time for the President to move on to more important matters.


Nationalism is now one of the seven dirty words

There’s a large faction of the liberal left making the term nationalism a very dirty word.

They are attacking it in every definition. Look at the Mexican border. Look at the White House tariffs. Look at the recent Armistice Day speech by French President Emmanuel Macron defining the term as a negative with the President sitting there.

The liberal media brand President Trump of being guilty of human rights violations for upholding the existing laws of the land. Look at the coverage of the Mexican border crisis. You can say our immigration laws are broken, but that does not mean we should abandon them and allow a horde of Central American natives to stream across as the answer to a broken law.

While the term’s first definition is positive for now, the second meaning and the synonyms all have negative connotations.

noun: nationalism
patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.
synonyms: patriotism, patriotic sentiment, flag-waving, xenophobia, chauvinism, jingoism

“their extreme nationalism was frightening”
  • an extreme form of this, especially marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.

There is nothing negative about Trump’s stance on nationalism from the building of the wall to leveling the playing field in trade through tariffs. He unlike past presidents is actually upholding his Constitutional duty as Commander-in-Chief to protect the borders and to put Americans first among equals, with no foreign entanglements, as George Washington cited in his farewell speech.

On the recent GM closing plants story, Trump is right to question CEO Mary Barra on the company’s decision on which plants to close. Also to bring up how the government bailed out the company when it teetered on bankruptcy.

But Barra must answer to shareholders and cannot afford to take a nationalistic approach. However, GM should not be looking for a backstop next time it is in trouble using the nationalistic chant of saving American jobs.

The left will take the word nationalism and attach modifiers to it to paint it as dangerous and evil. White nationalism, lunatic nationalism and extreme nationalism.

The word patriot is also used to smear people who do not uphold the left’s view of globalism, which is the antithesis of sovereignty. One only has to look to Europe to see how globalism and open borders have changed forever the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

How politicians in the European Union have bent over backwards to alter laws to accommodate Muslim refugees from north Africa and the Middle East. And it’s very easy to do that when you don’t have the burden of paying much to defend those borders, since they have NATO and the US paying for it.

I believe we are no more than five years away from seeing that globalism’s grand experiment of the European Union come crashing down in flames over its misguided tenet of open borders.

And what will bring down the EU? A backlash of nationalistic pride by a people who are tired and fed up with losing their rights to a growing horde of people who would rather see them dead. And the Liberal left will paint this as a return to Nazism, when in fact the left brought it about through their own ideological failures of socialistic thought.

So I feel the nationalism movement in the US is coming at the right time. There is a very good chance that politically it can heed the will of the citizens without the need for violent overthrow, which we will see in Europe.

The pendulum is moving in that direction.