It’s time for US troops to protect Americans from the ravages of Mexican drug war

It was good to hear that President Trump was in process of designating the Mexican drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations, which will give the US more flexibility to fight human and drug trafficking at the border.

As Trump put it the US is 90 days into the process of designating them terrorists, which would then allow Treasury to go after the cabal’s assets held by financial institutions. It would also make it a federal crime to aid and abet these gangs.

As President Trump states, the drug cartels are killing more than 100,000 Americans a year through illegal drug operations and human trafficking.

I wrote earlier this month of the killing of three women and six children, who were ambushed by drug dealers in northern Mexico, that US troops armed with drones should wage war on those involved.

I also pointed out that the US had to take matters into its own hand after Mexican federal authorities botched the arrest of drug kingpin El Chapo’s son Ovidio Guzman late last month. Mexican officials released Guzman after a brief detainment because they were out gunned by cartel members.

This clearly means that Mexico has given up its sovereignty to the drug gangs and that the US has to step in.

What is a secure border if its so porous that Americans are not safe from the ravages of the opioid responsible for an overdose epidemic in the United States.

After the Presidential announcement Mexico’s foreign ministry stated it wants a meeting with State Department officials to address the legal designation and its ramifications.

“The foreign minister will establish contact with his counterpart, Michael R. Pompeo, in order to discuss this very important issue for the bilateral agenda,” the ministry said.

It’s time for US armed forces to protect Americans from the ravages of war here in the United States.


1 thought on “It’s time for US troops to protect Americans from the ravages of Mexican drug war

  1. Amen, Brother!!! Having lived along that border for a period I can agree that it is IMPERATIVE that our troops protect American citizens!!! Even Katie Hopkins did an interview along the border & the poor people living there are in a war zone continually!!! Why should we NOT protect out own citizens??!!!


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