They doth protest too much, methinks

According to the law of the land — the US Constitution — President Trump has only 12 days left as leader of the country, yet the Democrats want to impeach or invoke the 25th Amendment to oust him now.

My question is why?

Why is both the left and the right so vindictive?

Why is former First Lady Michelle Obama requesting that Trump be silenced for good from all social media platforms?

I believe they doth protest too much, methinks.

Is the invoking of the 25th Amendment a plan to make sure Trump cannot run in 2024? Or is it a fear of something else more immediate?

Again, I don’t understand where the deep hatred to ruin this man comes from. It certainly isn’t political. It is more a deep-seated hatred.

Of course this is nothing new since Trump had to endure this treatment for more than four years, but to see it ramp up after his defeat seems to be another level of acrimony.

To be sure to the winner goes the spoils, but once the fight is over what happen to the idea of shaking hands after the bout?

Perhaps something else is afoot?